Bank, bankers, trading, traders and finance.
Bank, bankers, trading, traders and finance.

One chap I met did tell me a story about seeing six hundred telegrams go out one day advising customers to get aboard a certain stock and six hundred to other customers strongly urging them to sell that same stock, at once.
Jesse Livermore

Central banks don’t have divine wisdom. They try to do the best analysis they can and must be prepared to stand or fall by the quality of that analysis.
Mary Kay Ash

If All the Economists Were Laid End to End, Would They Reach a Conclusion?
George Bernard Shaw

If investments in banks fall, it is a tragedy, and people say, ‘What are we going to do?’ but if people die of hunger, have nothing to eat or suffer from poor health, that’s nothing.
Pope Francis

As the statitics says: “95% of traders lose money; only 5% of traders can make a living at it, and only 1% of them really make money. Carl William Brown

Life is a school of probability. Walter Bagehot This avidity alone, of acquiring goods and possessions for ourselves and our nearest friends, is insatiable, perpetual, universal, and directly destructive of society. David Hume Man is a gaming animal. He must always be trying to get the better in something or other.
Charles Lamb, Essays of Elia, 1823

Stock Analysts? Paid off & worthless. Give you a $20.00 recommendation on a $5.00 Stock then advise you to sell when it drops to .10 Charles Astor

Every artist was first an amateur.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

NASDAQ: ABIL Ability Inc. from 06-21-2018 to 06-26-2018 has increased from 2.15 to 14.30 with a gain of almost 600%, and just in a week. So if you want to get your big bet forget about fair value, equity line, profit factor, gross profit, and all that stuff; in this case fundamentals are not so fundamental!
Carl William Brown

Master YOURSELF, because you will never master the markets.
Glen Dahlen

No profession requires more hard work, intelligence, patience, and mental discipline than successful speculation.
Robert Rhea

Banking in the modern sense of the word can be traced to medieval and early Renaissance Italy, to the rich cities in the north like Florence, Venice and Genoa. The Bardi and Peruzzi families dominated banking in 14th century Florence, establishing branches in many other parts of Europe. Perhaps the most famous Italian bank was the Medici bank, set up by Giovanni Medici in 1397. Now, at this point of the matter, you must also consider and remember that the Medici used to spend their Holidays at Seravezza, a small village close to the Apuan Alps belonging to the Province of Lucca, in northern Tuscany, Italy. It is located in Versilia, above Forte dei Marmi. Now, you can start noticing why these series of blogs are named Fort Attack Project!

Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economics aims to explain how economies work and how economic agents interact. Economic analysis is applied throughout society, in business, finance and government, but also in crime, education, the family, health, law, politics, religion, social institutions, sex, war, and science.

The first Law of Economics: the only thing more dangerous than an economist is an amateur economist. The second Law of Economics: the only thing more dangerous than an amateur economist is a professional economist!

Most trading consists of long periods of small winners and losers followed by a few huge winners that make the difference between overall profitability and simply breaking even or losing due to trading costs (commissions, spread, and slippage). It is our ability to let the huge winners become just that – huge – that determines how we will perform overall during the year.

Few investment strategies have a worse reputation than market timing. Investors are told that their best strategy in stock investing is a simple “buy-and-hold” strategy: buy a diversified stock market index and hold it. Yet most investment literature assumes that investors will hold a security if and only if its expected return at the market price provides an adequate tradeoff with the risk exposure the security brings. In other words, investors are assumed to make their own judgment on whether a security is worth holding. Saying that investors should not “time the market” is equivalent to saying that consumers should not maximize utility when making consumption decisions. The standard reply to this criticism is that because the stock market is fairly efficient, accurate market timing is very difficult. In fact, it is said to be so difficult that investors are better off not trying.
Market-Timing Strategies That Worked by Pu Shen

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